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    Banner Configurator

    If you're serious about advertising.

    Unlock Your Banner Advertising Potential with Our Configurator

    Discover our banner advertising configurator below, granting you the flexibility to tailor the placement of your banners along with direct links to your website.

    On the right side of the configurator, available banner slots await, while on the left, you can precisely select your desired placement and the duration of your promotion, measured in weeks.

    By choosing banner advertising in any of our website positions, you gain access to exclusive discounts: 5% off for 4 weeks, 10% off for 8 weeks, and an impressive 15% off for 12 weeks of promotion (already factored into the configurator).

    The configurator effortlessly walks you through a streamlined four-step process. Initially, select the placement and duration of your promotion on the homepage. Then, move on to choose the placement and duration for the category posts page. Following that, customize the banner placement and promotion duration for individual post pages.

    Finally, in the fourth step, provide your company or personal information, which is crucial for calculating the applicable VAT.

    On the last page of the configurator, a comprehensive summary of your configuration awaits. From there, proceed directly to order and pay for your promotion using a credit card (via Stripe payment).

    How does banner configurator on our portal work?

    Step 1: Select Banner Locations

    Select Banner Locations: On the first three steps of the configurator, choose where you want to place your banners. You can select from the homepage, category page, and individual post page. When choosing the placement for your banner, it's essential to consider where the highest customer traffic occurs.

    Step 2: Payment and Ordering

    Review and Recap: After completing the configuration, proceed to the final page of the configurator, where you'll have an overview of your selections. Verify that everything aligns with your requirements.
    Payment: Here, you can make the payment for your advertising using a credit card. Your order will be confirmed upon successful payment.

    Step 3: Implement & Launch

    Contact from Us: After the payment is processed, we will get in touch with you. You'll receive instructions on preparing your banner materials and detailed information about your campaign.
    Selecting Category or Post: Choose a specific category or post where your banners will be placed.
    Banner Implementation: Once we receive your banner materials, our team will implement them on the website. When everything is ready, we will launch your campaign and inform you that your banners are online and visible to our readers.

    Configure your banner advertising NOW!