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    Link Configurator

    If you're serious about advertising.

    Unlock Your Linkbuilding Potential with Our Configurator

    In the competitive landscape of online presence, linkbuilding stands as a crucial strategy for enhancing a website’s authority and visibility.

    Our link configurator simplifies the process significantly. Basically, it is all about selecting the number of links you wish to place on our portal within finished articles. Notably, as an incentive for higher volume orders, we offer enticing discounts: 5% off for 4 or more links, 10% off for 8 or more links, and a generous 15% off for 12 or more links (already factored into the configurator).

    Embark on the path to success with just three straightforward steps: Firstly, specify the desired quantity of links, with the applicable discount and dollar savings prominently displayed at the bottom. Secondly, input your personal or business details, which is crucial for calculating the applicable VAT. On the last page of the configurator, a comprehensive summary of your configuration awaits. From there, proceed directly to order and pay for your promotion using a credit card (via Stripe payment).

    Elevate your website’s authority effortlessly with our user-friendly link configurator – where simplicity meets effectiveness.

    How does link configurator on our portal work?

    Step 1: Select Number of Links

    Select Links Quantity: On the first step of the configurator, choose how many links you want to place on our portal.
    You can see the percentage and amount of discount displayed at the bottom.
    When choosing the placement for your links, it's essential to consider where the highest customer traffic occurs.

    Step 2: Payment and Ordering

    Review and Recap: After completing the configuration, proceed to the final page of the configurator, where you'll have an overview of your selections. Verify that everything aligns with your requirements.
    Payment: Here, you can make the payment for your advertising using a credit card. Your order will be confirmed upon successful payment.