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    Matthew Harrison

    Meet Matthew Harrison, a prominent 34-year-old sociologist hailing from Vancouver, with roots in a family of writers. Matthew's rich academic background is complemented by his literary lineage, providing him with a unique perspective on the world. Vancouver, the picturesque backdrop to his life, serves as a constant source of inspiration.

    Matthew's academic journey delves deep into the realm of sociological research. He boasts an extensive stint on a project investigating the impact of fake news on traditional journalism. His work unravels crucial aspects of the media landscape and its influence on our society.

    Apart from his research, Matthew is an enthusiastic literary creator, blending analytical and creative thinking to offer thought-provoking insights to our community.

    Matthew's passion for sociology is balanced by his culinary prowess. In addition to dissecting social phenomena, he crafts exquisite culinary delights and frequently hosts dinner gatherings with friends, where he shares his talents around the dining table.

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